Rome Cavalieri a Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Resort

Upon my arrival in Rome, I was whisked away to the Rome Cavalieri.  I was impressed from the moment I walked through the door. I have never stayed in a hotel this beautiful before. I’ve never even dreamt of staying in a hotel this beautiful. During my stay at the Rome Cavalieri a Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Resort property, I uttered every possible positive adjective there is. I was simply gushing walking the halls and in such awe that I barely took any photos (This is a rarity).

The Location

Our cab sped through the city before ascending up the hill to the Rome Cavalieri. The cab was moving so fast that I barely was able to steal a glance of the  eternal city. The hotel was not located in the city center. Rather, it sat atop a hill overlooking all of Rome offering an unparalleled view of the city. Not only does the Rome Cavalieri’s location offer an impeccable view, the hotel is situated on a 15 acre private Mediterranean park offering seclusion for its guests. With its distance from the city, the hotel is peaceful yet still essentially roman. It is the perfect place to relax after a day of traveling.

 photo DSC_0760-2_zpsrdedpvug.jpg

The Rome Cavalieri is located 15 minutes from the city center. Not to worry, the city can be easily accessed by the complementary hotel shuttle. The shuttle runs every hour from the hotel to Piazza Barberini which is only a short walk from the Trevi Fountain.

 photo DSC_0114_zpsak16yjno.jpg

The Rooms

The standard rooms in the Rome Cavalieri are not so standard. The standard room is a deluxe room, which is essentially a suite by most standards. There are 345 deluxe rooms, each equip with a sitting area and private balcony. Our balcony overlooked the park yet we still had a corner view of the city. The rooms are decorated with gold and royal blue accents further reinforcing the luxurious feeling of this hotel. If I didn’t have all of Rome to explore, I could have stayed in this room all day.

 photo DSC_0106-2_zpspgpdyz1x.jpg

After spending the day on the train nothing looked more appealing than to take a shower or long hot bath. The marble bathroom in my deluxe room made me swoon. The jacuzzi tub and the rain shower brought my relaxation experience to a whole new level.

 photo DSC_0107_zpsxkon2dpy.jpg

I can’t imagine the rooms getting any better. Yet, I was only in the deluxe room. The Rome Cavalieri also offers 25 luxurious suites, including the Penthouse and Planetarium suites which have terraces and hot tubs overlooking Rome.

The Cuisine

To my surprise and delight, breakfast was included in my stay. If breakfast is not included, don’t miss out. It is worth every penny! The breakfast buffet is served  at the L’Uliveto Restaurant. Be sure to get a seat by the pool so you can soak up the sun while enjoying your breakfast. This is not an ordinary breakfast buffet. There were more breakfast options than I could fathom eating. As we enjoyed our breakfast and sipped on our cappuccinos under the morning sun, servers came around offering mimosas and fresh pastries. There is no way to say no to all this good food! With 6 restaurant and bars, you will not go hungry at the Rome Cavalieri.

 photo 28b1a525-eab2-4399-8fc1-eb22ba2ea5ce_zpspdzqv69k.jpg

The Amenities

What sets the Rome Cavalieri a Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Resort apart is not the spacious rooms, stunning views or savory food. It is the amenities and services offered which sets this hotel apart. As the amenities go, my favorite was the pool and spa.There are three outdoor swimming pools, including a children’s pool, as well as a glass-domed indoor pool. I took a post breakfast swim in the expansive outdoor pool which is surrounded by lush greenery, the perfect spot to cool down on a hot day in Rome. In the evening, I took full advantage of the sauna, whirlpool and Turkish bath located in the spa. This was my first time in a Turkish bath and I was pleasantly surprised by how relaxing it was. To my luck, there was a friendly fellow bather who warned me that the water was ice cold and to only tip my feet in. The steam and cool water seemed to relax every muscle in my body. Everything about the Rome Cavalieri is pure luxury and relaxation. Sometimes while traveling you need a little pampering and this is just the place for it.

 photo DSC_0109_zpsycwprvxq.jpg

8 responses to “Rome Cavalieri a Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Resort

  1. Beautiful hotel, Anna. While in Rome (April 2012), actually waiting to enter the Vatican, I recall seeing an observatory on a not too distant hilltop. In your last image, above and beyond the pool, I would guess, strongly, that is the one and the same. And another note of things you and I have shared (recall, Cartagena…) Niagara -On-The Lake, where my wife and I enjoyed one of the Shaw festival plays some years ago. Excellent pictures. M 🙂


    • I feel like I am following in your travel footsteps! That must be the same observatory! When waiting in long line for the Vatican you get a lot of site seeing in haha. And I also love Niagara-on-the-lake! I haven’t been to any of the Shaw festival plays but as I live so close I should check them out.

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  2. so beautiful and so accessible to the city…. I will definitely offer this to clients soon:) and hopefully, i get to stay as well one day when we get back:) Thanks for sharing…


  3. This hotel looks amazing!! I wish I had a trust funf so I couldl live here!!! So beautiful and very informative.



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