Hoboken: Cupcakes from the Cake Boss

We took a short drive to Hoboken, New Jersey to make a visit to the cake boss.

I was surprised by what a beautiful city it was. Quite frankly, for these residents in New Jersey there was no need to go across the East River to NYC. They have their own little city right outside their door.

 photo 10392498_10205540797140162_7732554252144133986_n.jpg

 photo 10850224_10205540804500346_2175441236822928573_n.jpg

 photo 10847913_10205540795500121_5054742660035323315_n.jpg

Driving in we saw kids playing soccer amiss the high rises. It’s such an interesting thing to see. They are playing in a concrete playground.

When we got to Carlo’s Bakery, I was surprised to see that the line was not that long at all. From what I’ve heard, I expected the line to extend down the street. I guess we lucked out.

 photo 988959_10205540828100936_966255302065985880_n.jpg

 photo 10429321_10205540799820229_3460759164348250655_n.jpg

 photo 10849744_10205540799860230_3505086500209613804_n.jpg

 photo 10384609_10205540799620224_3343983837180673633_n.jpg

 photo 10845916_10205540828060935_4028753793048427153_n.jpg

After waiting for a little while, they finally called us in. I’m not a huge sweets person, yet everything looked delicious. I finally decided on a cupcake. Since Buddy is the Cake Boss, I’d presume he’d make good cupcakes as well.

 photo 1520777_10205540801900281_3230821482145404701_n.jpg

 photo 10540552_10205540828180938_6576556561386390038_n.jpg

 photo 1441575_10205540804540347_5852130013077464990_n.jpg

We sat on a bench and ate our cupcakes while enjoying the quaint city street.

 photo 10646945_10205540804580348_2461155708136428473_n.jpg

 photo 10386817_10205540828140937_8890724913427465588_n.jpg

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